Police have found the body of Mary Kathleen Allford, 75, in her Latrobe home. On Monday, Mary was reported as missing after her husband was rescued from their home, which was inundated with water. Two other people including an 81-year-old man are still missing in the Tasmanian flood.

According to the police, Mary Allford’s body was found after the water inside her residence subsided. Another man Trevor Foster, 81, is still missing after he was swept away in the rising Ouse River from his backyard. A second man, whose car was swept away in Evandale is also still missing, but his partner, a woman, was already rescued, reported skynews.com.au.

Meanwhile, authorities have warned people not to try to rescue stranded animals. They have also urged people to stay at home and not to drive in flood affected areas.

SES acting director Nick Wilson told ABC TV on Tuesday, “I want to reinforce that there should be no attempt by owners or members of the public to attempt to rescue those stranded animals. You’re simply putting yourself in danger – and certainly those lives of the responders.”

As of this writing, more than hundred have been rescued in Tasmania. Six people sought shelter in their boat in Schouten Island overnight and were later they were rescued by a police boat, reported News.com.au.

According to ABC, the condition is worse than the 1929 flooding, which is considered as the deadliest flood on record. Around 500 State Emergency Services volunteers are assisting with the rescue efforts. SES has informed that there were 300 calls for assistance that they have to respond to.

Michael Laczko, a severe weather forecaster, said that the Tasmanian flood threat has now eased and people could assess the damage done to their property. He said, “The Forth and the Mersey [rivers] have peaked. They should start to fall over the next day or so, and then the clean-up [will] continue in earnest.”

Tasmania government will help flood victims with emergency aid. Residents will get $750 per family.  Many people were evacuated to two evacuation centers across the state. The government is examining all support measures.