Police have claimed that the traces of a Tasmanian boat that went missing off Cremorne with four fishermen on board have been recovered from Frederick Henry Bay.

Two bodies that fit the description of the missing men were found on Monday. The bodies were lying three kilometers apart. Tassal workers who assisted in the search found the first body that did not have a life jacket while the second body was found wearing one. According to reports, the body found later was suspected to have suffered head injuries.

The people on board belonged to the age range of late 20s to early 30s. Three of the fishermen were from Hobart while one was from New Zealand. The girlfriend of one of the men on the boat was alarmed when she realized that none of them returned from the 16-foot craft that they launched from Pipeclay Lagoon at around 9 in the morning on Monday. She reported the disappearance when they did not return after six hours as promised.

Six boats, a fixed-wing AMSA aircraft and a police helicopter toured the area including above the water as per the drift predictions.

Commander Tony Cerritelli said that the officers were trying to console the families and reduce their level of grief. The process of identification, however, was still ongoing, so the names have not been made public yet, he added.

“Clearly, this is distressing for the families. They’re unsure who the two deceased are and we are doing our utmost to make sure that we don’t add another level of grief to what they’re already experiencing,” Carritelli said.

The commander confirmed that a loose fuel tank has been recovered from the search area that was suspected to belong to the missing Tasmanian boat. In addition to that, a life jacket and a tackle box were also retrieved. The officers are unsure if these belonged to the boat and the victims.

Depending on the GPS track record from the last phone call and the sea drift predictions, the search area has been confined to 65 square nautical miles, according to Inspector Lee Renshaw. The ABC quoted him as saying that they had a rough location where the victims might have gotten into the misfortune.