A Tasmania black out affected hundreds of homes due to the severe weather conditions.The strong wind  of around 160 km/h is supposedly the cause of it.

In Hobart’s Mt Wellington wind speed was recorded as 159km/h overnight. On the other hand,  in the southern capital gusts of 109 km/h was recorded.  There were reports of uprooted trees, damaged roofs and broken boat moorings.

The Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) Senior forecaster Tim Bolden said that Hobart’s exposed peaks had been struck badly by the winds.  He warned that there would be a repetition of the same tonight.

“We are expecting it to ease during the course of the morning, that’s associated with an approaching warm front, but following that we do have another cold front crossing tonight and that does look like quite a similar setup to what we had last night,” he insisted.

BoM spokesperson Mal Riley said, “We are in a very windy period and can expect a bit of a break on Saturday, but then the winds will be back although maybe gusts won’t be so strong.”

There was black out in around 1500 residences in Margate, Blackmans Bay, Kingston and Kettering in the south. A shed and house were damaged by the wild winds. The owner of the house, Dale Freeman reported that at 4:30 am, a tree came down on his shed. It tore the shed’s roof but did not damage the things he has inside, as reported by Mercury.

People are facing difficulties due to the Tasmania black out. In Preston near Devonport, more than 500 residences were without power. In a recent development, power at Blackmans Bay had been restored.  But hundreds of homes are still facing power outage in Gunns Plains area behind Ulverstone, reported ABC.

Freeman noted, “the good thing was it hit the shed and the house only sustained minor damage.”

Freeman also appreciated the efforts of State Emergency Service (SES) volunteers. He added, “I have nothing but praise for the SES volunteers who turned up at 8.30am and stopped water getting in. I hope people appreciate the job they do in pretty awful conditions.”

Although severe weather warnings for King Island, North East, Western, Central Plateau and South East forecast districts have been cancelled, BoM is still monitoring the weather.