Before the Tarzan Movie 2016 hits theatres this year, actor Alexander Skarsgard teased that there will be rough sex scene between Tarzan and Jane. He revealed that it got so rough, he even sustained some injuries.

According to the 39-year-old Swedish actor, he received a beating from co-star Margot Robbie, who plays Jane in the movie, during a particular sex scene. Skarsgard said that the sex scene follows Tarzan and Jane’s return to the Congo village where Jane grew up. He added that it is “the first sex scene in the movie,” indicating that there will be more romantic moments between the couple.

“Soon after that they’re torn apart and the drive is for them to get back together, so it’s important to make it a passionate moment,” Skarsgard said about the scene, the New Zealand Herald reported. However, director David Yates wanted a more authentic and raw feel so he asked the actors to release their inner animal while filming.

“We shot the scene and he (Yates) wanted it to be primordial so, from behind the camera, he would scream ‘Margot, claw him, pound him, hit him’, because he was like ‘It’s Tarzan and Jane. When they have sex, it’s got to be out of this world’,” he shared.

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Skarsgard was “slightly bruised” and “got scratches and stuff” from that particular scene alone.

But Robbie is not the first Australian star to lock lips with Skarsgard in a steamy love making scene. While filming Tarzan Movie 2016, Skarsgard revealed that Aussie actor Ryan Kwanten is also a good kisser. Both actors starred in the HBO series True Blood.

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“I’ve got to say, Ryan Kwanten is a surprisingly good kisser,” he commented. “He’s very tender. You wouldn’t’ think it because he’s kind of a tough guy.” It looks like Skarsgard has a soft spot for Australians!

Meanwhile, Tarzan movie 2016 will premiere on July 1.