Tarrington, a village in the south-west of Victoria, is gearing up for a Guinness World Record in rain dance. The rising temperatures have led parts of Victoria into severely dry conditions but for Tarrington, the event will be a source of support for the struggling farmers.

The record is presently held by Maynooth in Ireland, where 395 people had taken part in the rain dance in 2011. Tarrington only has a population of 200 people.

Naomi Turner, Tarrington Progress Association committee member and the organiser of the event, said that she is hopeful that more people would turn up for the event.

“It’s the only event we want to be rained out of,” the ABC quoted her as saying. “I think we’re going to have to start thinking of some serious choreography.”

The event will take place on May 1 during the Swamp Stomp event on the town’s oval which used to be a swamp until it was drained in the 1970s.

Turner said that there will be activities like a gumboot toss and other water activities for children at the event. “It would be the one community event that you wouldn’t mind being rained out,” the Standard quoted her as saying. “It’ll be a bit of fun.”

Tarrington is also waiting patiently waiting to find out whether its application has been accepted by the Guinness World Records. But, Turner said that the event would take place, irrespective of the outcome.

“It’s terribly exciting to start off an event with a world record attempt,” the ABC quoted her as saying. “There are some people out there seriously obsessed with setting records I’ve discovered, [so] we’re going to have to keep tabs on it if we break it. Hopefully, it sort of inspires someone in Australia to one-up us.”

The town has already gained recognition for its eccentric display of community art internationally.