Lionel Patea has pleaded guilty to the murder of his ex-partner Tara Brown. Patea was supposed to have a one-week long trial but he pleaded on the first day.

Patea repeatedly hit the 24-year-old victim’s head with a metal plate. Tara Brown died a day later in the hospital. The 25-year-old Patea turned himself in to the authorities after the attack. According to the ABC, the mother-of-one suffered non-survivable head injuries, which included skull and face fractures.

Apparently, the lovers were together since 2011. Their daughter was born a year later. However, it has been known that in 2015, Brown wanted to end her relationship with Patea.

While the plea was read, many became emotional, including Brown’s family and friends. Her mother, Natalie Hinton, described the murderer as a monster.

“My whole world came down around me,” Brown’s mother said in a statement. “This misogynistic narcissist had murdered my baby girl. My life is not the same, it has been changed forever because of one person’s selfish act. The pain in my heart from the enormous hole Tara’s death has left is indescribable.”

Hinton also said that her granddaughter, four-year-old Aria, does not know the full extent of how her mother was killed and she constantly asks for her mother everyday. The grandmother added that her granddaughter’s innocent life has also been destroyed by the monster.

“I have and continue to cuddle and comfort her through her tears of missing mummy,” Hinton pointed out. “Her sobs full of heartache and sadness, the weight and intensity of her sobs is the saddest thing ever.”

Nevertheless, Hinton is glad that Brown’s death has made an impact in the country. She is also glad that the incident has allowed her to see changes to “laws, awareness, education and the tolerance of society as the appalling cost of human lives to domestic and family violence has become a national tragedy of crisis proportions.”

The ABC also states that a witness of the attack tried to help Brown, who was screaming and desperate to get away. The witness, Lisa Kennedy, was horrified by it and she felt hopeless and helpless despite her efforts. “She was screaming at me to help her from you. Did I do my best, did I try hard enough? I felt like I had failed Tara,” said Kennedy.

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