Taiwanese crime gang accused of a call center scam where they cheated rich Chinese men is all set to plead guilty. The members were found hidden in suburban Brisbane mansions. Around 57 workers constitute the crime gang and are believed to have reached Australia using holiday visas.

The ring leaders of the Taiwanese crime gang used to train “slaves” to make sure they trapped their targets well. According to reports, they were forced to attend training where they were asked to recite the script to learn how to make the telecom scam successful. They were also trained on making the victims allow their computers to be accessed by the slaves.

The slaves of the crime gang were expected to make 60 calls per head per shift. Their plan involved the rich Chinese sharing their bank balances. After learning about the money they had, the Taiwanese crime gang slaves used to tell the service seekers that they were suspected of money laundering. In addition, they used to produce “falsified Chinese police arrest warrants.” It has also been reported that the slaves were forced to work for longer hours from 7:30 am to 11 pm.

After producing the false arrest warrant, the Taiwanese crime gang members used to ask victims to pay huge fines. The slaves used to promise them that they won’t take any legal action against them if they would pay them the desired amount. Moreover, the slaves who worked for the gang were never paid despite being promised a commission for achieving targets. They were also promised five months work if they did things well, one of the slaves said.

When Taiwanese Crime Gang Scam Busted

The Taiwanese crime gang used to lock the slaves inside a room with their passport being seized by them. They were given one room for eight people on one Morningside house. The scam came into the focus when one of the suspected slaves escaped the trap and alerted authorities on August 9, 2015.

The number of Chinese victims they cheated upon was still unknown, according to Courier Mail. The four of the Taiwanese nationals who operated the Taiwanese crime gang appeared in the District Court on Wednesday. They asked Judge Julie Dick to keep their sentencing days in February so that they get some time to enter guilty pleas.

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