Some of the Syrian refugees, who are trying to run away from their war-torn country for a better future, found themselves stuck at the Turkey border. They are now allowed to enter Turkey, which claims to have an open door policy for refugees.

According to Turkish authorities, there is no need to allow the refugees to enter Turkey as they are being taken care of by Syrian authorities. Syrian resident Saleh, who has five children and a brother, took a journey of 6.2 miles in the middle of the night to reach the Turkish border.

“We did not come here to get tents,” he told CNN. “We want to get through and provide security for our children.”

Saleh said his family fled home for better conditions but they found themselves under Russian bombardment. He said his family got shot at while they hid in the olive groves.

Another refugee, Mohammed, said displaced families had been torn apart from one another between Russia and the Islamic State. He said ISIS militants had surrounded them on three sides while Russians bombed them.

“My village has turned into a village of ghosts,” Mohammed said. “We just want Turkey to open its gates. We have nowhere to go and we have nothing — no water, power, nothing, how can we live?”

Turkey and Germany have agreed to take a number of measures to handle the Syrian refugee crisis. The measures include attempts to stop attacks against Syria’s largest city: Aleppo.

It was announced in Ankara on Monday that German and Turkish authorities would try to control illegal migration as well. German Chancellor Angela Merkel had a talk with Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu in Ankara.

Merkel said she was “not just appalled but horrified” by the suffering caused by Russian bombing in Syria, Al Jazeera reported.