The Rambo star, Sylvester Stallone dead! Shocked? So are we! Wait, before you start mourning let’s check the reality. Besides that, we also tell you why Rocky Balboa star will live longer?

If you remembered, initially the death rumors started off with Jaden Smith. Later, it included the name of Sylvester Stallone who was speculated to commit suicide. However, later on, the hoax of their suicide was busted when both the celebs made a public appearance.

This time, the demise of Rocky star says that Stallone had an overdose of prescription medications. It caused his death. In the past four years, we heard the death news of Stallone for the second time. In fact, in the year 2013, even some news media carried the reports of his death in a car accident. But, later on, it was found out that it was a cheap trick to make the public download some malicious files.

Unfortunately, a few of the Twitter users started believing in the fake death news of Stallone., the famous media for breaking celebrity death rumors, has rejected the Stallone suicide rumors, after a Facebook page started the cheap viral story like it did with the Jaden Smith dead hoax.

In May 2016, ABC News’ Sexy Silver Foxes Over 60 included Stallone.  It had also proved that he is very much alive, in fact looking as handsome and fit as ever even at the age of 70.

“The Hollywood legend still maintains his action-star physique and his place atop the A-list after writing and starring in three “Expendables” movies with his fellow aging action stars. He’s expected to begin filming the fourth movie in the franchise this fall. His year already got off to a great start after he won a Golden Globe and was nominated for his first Oscar in 40 years for reprising one of his best-known characters, Rocky Balboa, in “Creed,” the article read.

Don’t go by any hoax. Sylvester Stallone is a living legend. Moreover are his flicks like Rambo, Rocky and the likes which are classic and timeless and he is and will be alive forever in these movies.  Such cheap rumors that Sylvester Stallone Dead won’t let this legendary star affect anyway.