A medically untrained and uncertified beautician performs eyelid surgery on a Sydney woman who now has scarred, bruised and swollen skin surrounding her eyes.

Helena Chen underwent the cosmetic surgery in March under one of the growing number of beauticians performing beauty surgeries without possessing any medical qualifications. Due to the fake surgeon’s treatment, her skin has been damaged, and she knows it will never revert to the original.

The Daily Telegraph reported that New South Wales authorities have issued a warning against the beautician after discovering Chen’s issue. NSW Health stated that Pu Liu, the business owner, is not a medically trained beautician and has not been registered in Australia as a practitioner. The authorities also claimed that it was not yet clear how long she had been serving as a fake beautician in Sydney. They could not specify the number of people victimized by her as well.

According to reports, the beautician has been performing the cosmetic treatment at Sydney homes, flats and hotel rooms. Chen further said that she contacted Liu, also called Mable Liu, via WeChat. The fake beautician used to post before and after pictures of cosmetic surgeries performed on people daily. “It felt like she used my eyes for practice,” Chen told Fairfax Media. “She said there would be no bruising, no bleeding, no down time.  I thought ‘oh that’s easy surgery. It must be safe’. I was so excited I didn’t think too much.”

Chen added that Liu asked her to pay $1500 in cash first. After making the payment, the uncertified beautician began the surgery. The fake beautician washed her face first, injected anesthesia and then started suturing. The victim said she stitched her left eyelid thrice and then pulled the sutures out and then stitched again. “I screamed at her … I yelled out I need more pain killer injections,” Chen said during the eight-hour surgery.  “She’d do a stitch then she’d pick up her phone and open a door and leave the room,” Chen added. “Then she’d come back in and start stitching again without washing her hands.”

“I was so angry. It’s painful. It’s really painful.”

NSW Health authorities have warned those who underwent cosmetic surgery by Five Dock’s uncertified beautician to go to their GP for a routine checkup to avoid infections post-surgery. To find out whether a practitioner is registered or fake, people can look at the AHPRA website.