Sydney has witnessed the hottest night ever before waking up on Wednesday. The mercury level reached 30 degree and above on Tuesday night. The forecasters stated that the temperature of Sydney was 10 degrees hotter than Dubai.

The city’s temperature lowered to the 20s overnight while the atmosphere is likely to reach 35 degrees with 42 degrees in the west on Wednesday. According to the reports, Thursday is expected to be better in terms of mercury level. However, the city will continue to face heatwaves. On Friday, another temperature plunge will be observed. The same is believed to continue next week as well.

Sydney weather report from the city’s airport stated that the region reached 36 degrees. On the other hand, Penrith witnessed the temperature level increased to 37 degrees. “We do have a southerly change on the way, so we’ll see cooler conditions for southern parts of the state,” Bureau of Meteorology spokeswoman Sarah Chadwick said.

Sydney Weather – State Declares Total Fire Ban

Seeing the soaring Sydney weather temperature, the state authorities have declared a total fire ban across the city on Wednesday. The NSW Rural Fire Service declared the ban to start from midnight and continue throughout the day. The hot weather and windy conditions are more likely to prompt to bushfires and fire incidents. The RFS has also asked people to be careful and obey safety rules.

A total fire ban prohibits people to light a fire in the open. All fire permits are suspended during the ban. Gas and electric barbecues could be used if certain conditions are favorable.

The reactions of Sydneysiders because of extremely hot Sydney weather have shown how irresistible the conditions are for them. One of them was 32-year-old Jessie Lanza, who arrived in Australia on Wednesday, said that she was coping with the increasing temperature level.  “I think we are going to go swimming at Bondi Beach or I might just fill up our bathtub with ice water and ice cubes to lay in there for a while to get prepped before we go,” The Daily Telegraph quoted her as saying.

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