An Instagram post claimed that NSW police have questioned a bar owner over his wine list, saying it promoted “unsavoury behaviour.”

The incident came into limelight when Giovanni Paradiso, co-owner of Sydney’s 10 William Street and Fratelli Paradiso, described it on his Instagram post. The post featured a blackboard that contained 10 William Street’s chalkboard wine list that was declared to promote inappropriate behaviour in the society. “So according to NSW POLICE FORCE our blackboard with what we are pouring by the glass is promoting unsavoury behaviour. SYDNEY WHAT THE F*** IS HAPPENING,” the post read.

The police reportedly spoke to the bar manager about the listing on the blackboard and stretched the issue. Another co-owner, Marco Ambrosino, told online magazine Broadsheet that the issue rose because of “free wine” labelling in the board, which the manager specified was for the wine without added substances.

NSW police pointed out the proximity of the restaurant and the bar section, which were quite close, which was likely to promote heavy drinking. “We are a wine bar, so we put our wines by the glass at the front, and hand people a menu when they sit down. We’ve had it like this for six years,” Ambrosino said.

According to SBS, NSW police released a statement describing the entire incident. The statement said that the Central Metropolitan Region and Alcohol & Licensing Enforcement Command collectively conducted an operation on Friday and Saturday. The mission was confined to areas across Sydney City, Newtown Local Area Commands, Kings Cross and Surry Hills.

“The Operation targeted alcohol related violence, anti-social behaviour and compliance with the Liquor Amendment Act 2014,” the statement read. “During the operation, about 155 businesses and licensed premises were patrolled. It is common for police to provide advice to licensees regarding potential licensing breaches or issues during business inspections. Twelve licensing breaches were detected during the operation.”