Sydney is expected to experience heavy rainfall with gale force winds, thereby inviting another solid winter for the year in Australia.

The weather changes will also likely affect New South Wales and Queensland. According to meteorologists, weather models have predicted heavy rains and strong winds along the south coast of NSW early next week. Weatherzone meteorologist Brett Dutschke said that they cannot identify the system yet in what form it would appear and the direction of its travel. According to the Daily Mail, the weather forecaster claimed that Sydney would experience 70 mm of rain from Saturday to Monday while Brisbane and Canberra would get around 40 mm of rain on Sunday.

On the other hand, Melbourne has been reported to remain “untouched,” with just a minimal amount of rain. However, some areas might receive more. “There is one thing to emphasize on the negative side is that there is a significant flood risk given how much rain has already fallen a bit over the week ago,” Dutschke said.”Lots of dams are near capacity, some are at a good chance to spill over.”

Bureau of Meteorology’s senior forecaster Peter Gajewski said that the major concern at this moment would be the rainfall. He claimed that in some parts “it will be more” than the predicted rainfall of 100-150 mm on Sunday and Monday.

The Brisbane Times reported that Dutschke said that the authorities have to be concerned about the removal of debris caused due to the previous storm. “You don’t want to have (previous debris) lying around in rivers or gutters,” Dutschke said. “You want that water to running as freely as possible from the rivers out to the sea.”

According to what Gajewski claimed, it is the strong high-pressure system over the Tasman that released extra moisture, thereby leading to warmer temperature across eastern Australia. The ocean warmth, according to the senior meteorologist, “is another very important factor” to consider.