The latest predictions on Sydney weather have revealed that the heatwaves across the city will soon break the 120-year-old record. The city seems to experience the hottest summer in 120 years. The temperature of the city is believed to exceed the maximum limit as recorded in 1896.

It has been more than a week since Sydney has been experiencing a temperature over 35 degrees. The summer season is about to end in the nation in February but the heatwaves still seem to continue. Despite the dropping of the temperature with 12 points in half an hour, there is a possibility of the mercury level to reach the maximum level till date.

While Sydney weather was hot at 9:30am with 35 degrees on Tuesday, Bankstwon and Olympic Park reached 36 degrees. The temperature dropped before 5pm. The airport witnessed a fall in temperature with 10.5 degrees in 10 minutes. On the other hand, the city saw a fall of seven degrees in 15 minutes, 9News reported.

Meteorological Department Makes Sydney Weather Predictions

According to Sydney weather predictions made by the Meteorological Department, the temperature of the city is expected to reach 38 degrees soon. In addition, the western region of the city is believed to be nearing boiling weather with the level of temperature reaching 40 degrees. The temperature regulator has claimed that if the mercury levels continue to witness such huge rise, it will lead to the hottest summer in Sydney in 120 years.

Although the present Sydney weather is favourable and not so hot, it is expected that the mercury level will rise again by Thursday. The temperature, however, will increase to 37 degrees, making the city hot and humid once again.  The Meteorological Department has claimed the temperature of the city will increase during the weekend with the levels rising up to 41 degrees.

The hot Sydney weather has been considered the worst so far. The number of drowning cases has been the most in 15 years this summer. It led to the loss of 29 innocent lives since December 1.

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