Sydney weather is expected to witness a cool change soon following extreme heatwave that broke century-old heat record. The cooler weather will start soothing Sydneysiders on Monday afternoon. The city has been experiencing a sweltering heat, recording temperature level above 35 degrees through lasr ten days.

Weatherzone meteorologist Rob Sharpe mentioned the past two nights witnessed minimum temperature levels of 26 degrees in the city. He called it an “extraordinary” change. On Sunday night, the temperature was almost 26.2 degrees, which comprised the ninth night with a minimum of 24 degrees and above this summer.

According to further Sydney weather reports, Sydney’s CBD is expected to have a temperature of a maximum of 33 degrees and 43 degrees in Richmond. Sharpe said that the residents across the city will experience a cool change in later hours of Monday. “We are going to see a southerly change move through today… Sydney’s going to have light winds for much of the day, but then this afternoon we’ll see a strong southerly change move through which will bring substantial relief,” he said.

“The forecast maximum is 35 degrees… the city will probably see its maximum around 11 am or 12 pm and then the sea breeze will cool things down a little bit into this afternoon before the change arrives. We’re not going to see a big drop in temperatures but it’ll probably be a drop of a few degrees in 10 minutes and it will still remain fairly humid this evening, but not nearly as hot and humid as it was last night.”

Sydney Weather Expected To Be Wet Besides Being Cool

Bureau of Meteorology duty forecaster Rob Taggart also told AAP that the Sydney weather will see a cool change in the atmosphere after a long time. He stated that southerly winds will blow in the afternoon across the city and bring a cooler change. He also believes that Sydney will also experience some “quite wet days” of the year. Temperature might fall as low as 20 degrees overnight while the maximum limit is expected to reach 26 degrees to 28 degrees throughout the Sydney basin on Tuesday and Wednesday. Moreover, Taggart predicted a 50mm rainfall in coastal areas of the city.

Newcastle will observe the cool change in Sydney weather around mid-evening of the day. On the other hand, a sea breeze will make NSW North Coast cooler on Friday. Queensland, however, will witness an opposite ambiance with hot to very hot weather conditions on Friday. Some parts of the city, on the contrary, will experience a hike in the hotness with temperatures rising even above 40 degrees, the bureau stated.

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