Sydney weather is expected to turn hotter with the level of mercury expected to rise to 40 degrees on Friday. The Bureau of Meteorology has stated that the temperature of the city will attain a limit of 35 degrees. However, the humidity in the atmosphere will make the weather even hotter.

BoM duty forecaster Rob Taggart said that Sydney weather will be very hot on Friday. Though the day began with a cloudy morning, the mercury level is expected to see a rapid rise, he said. The forecaster also mentioned the name of Penrith and the west and said that the temperature in these areas the temperature is expected to reach 40s.

“For the city, there’s a little bit of uncertainty when the cloud will clear and the influence of sea breezes but definitely get into the mid 30s. The humidly with the amount of moisture in the atmosphere won’t let up all day,”he said. “To top all that off we are in for a warm night with a minimum temperatures unlikely to fall below 25C. It’s going to be a really muggy warm night. And after such a hot day, it’s going to be unpleasant.”

Sydney Weather – Areas For Fire Ban to Increase

Seeing the predictions of such an increase in the Sydney weather temperature, NSW Rural Service has been alerted. It considers increasing the number of areas for total fire bans from 11 to 12. The areas will include the Greater Sydney that comprises the Central Coast and the Blue Mountains as well.

NSW Rural Fire Service Commissioner Shane Fitzsimmons said that heavy winds and increasing heatwaves could cause fatal risk of bushfires.”When you have these hot, dry, windy conditions on top of a very dry landscape, which is what we have in NSW, you have a landscape that is very susceptible to fire,” he said as quoted by Canberra Times. “We are seeing very high temperatures right across NSW, dry conditions because of strengthening winds, as well as the humidity [dropping] below 20 per cent.”

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