Police have charged a Sydney mother on suspicion over the murder of her two-year-old daughter who was found dead at a Miller property in the southwest of the city.

The dead body was recovered last Tuesday in the bath, hence the toddler is believed to have been drowned there for quite some time. The mother was arrested at Blue Mountains Hospital on Wednesday morning where she had been receiving medical treatment after a car accident on Sunday. From there, the police officers took her to Katoomba Police Station.

The matter came into the attention of the police when a family friend raised concerns over the disappearance of the toddler and contacted the police regarding the same. According to the reports, the relative was not allowed to enter the house on Merino street when he went for a visit to the family. This raised his concerns, so he contacted emergency services.

The officers charged the 36-year-old with murder and was disallowed bail to appear in Penrith Local Court on Tuesday. However, further examination of the dead body will be made to find out the cause of death of the toddler. The post-mortem will also help the officers know if the toddler died several days ago.

Neighbor Pat Ingram confirmed that she has not seen the toddler since last Wednesday. She also added that a woman inquired about the toddler to Pat and asked if she had seen the girl. “Someone knocked on our door, asked if we had seen the little girl. She said she was concerned for the child’s welfare. She asked if I had a ladder,” Ingram said as quoted by The Daily Mail.

The ABC mentioned NSW Police department’s release of a statement in which it stated that detectives will talk with relatives and neighbors to find out the background of the Sydney story. This will help them identify “the chain of events leading to the child’s death.” Officers have been knocking at the neighbors’ doors to investigate the matter.