A team of UK policemen and security experts will review the investigation of the Sydney Siege which left the hostage taker and his hostages dead last December 15-16, 2014.

The review will evaluate if the state’s response to the 16-hour hostage taking on December 15 -16, 2014 is “appropriate and adequate,” reports 9news.

Last year, ABC News reported that Sydney lawyer Katrina Dawson, one of the hostage victims, was apparently killed by police bullets.

Deputy Chief Constable Chesterman, the head of the team, said their report will be professionally done “without fear or favour.” Even though he was not in Sydney, Chesterman will be “speaking to officers regularly through the day and night,” as he was quoted by The Courier Mail.

“I want to assure them our review will be professional, thorough and independent, based entirely on a search for the truth,” Chesterman added.

UK team’s spokesperson tells 9news that they have to review all the evidences including the “witness statements, forensics, CCTV, and media footage.”

Aside from the police department, TV networks are also blamed for the hostage crisis. There are concerns that live reporting during the siege have possibly broadcast useful information regarding police locations to the hostage taker, reports 9news.

The UK investigating team includes Deputy Chief Constable Simon Chesterman, Chief Superintendent Steve Whitton, Temporary Chief Superintendent Kerrin Smith, Chief Inspector Trevor Clar, Inspector Nigel Kefford, armed policing, and security and siege management experts.

Summoned by New South Wales Coroner Michael Barnes, the team has to report to him before the resumption of the Sydney siege public hearings this March, according to The Courier Mail.

“The Lindt Cafe siege was clearly a tragic incident and I offer my condolences to the relatives who lost loved ones,” Chesterman said.