An inquiry into the December 2014 siege in Sydney’s Martin Place revealed that gunman Man Haron Monis had planned his attack for months. It has been reported that there might have been an accomplice who dropped Monis in Sydney’s city centre. The inquest also showed that Monis had hopes to escape the ordeal.

On Monday it was disclosed that Monis had demanded to debate then prime minister Tony Abbott live on radio. He also ordered that three bombs would go off in Sydney if police approached him or “other brothers.”

A coroner’s investigation into the siege of the Lindt cafe, Sydney, reported that the gunman never gave his identity during the 16-hour siege. Monis hung up when negotiators were calling him by any of his aliases, says The Guardian.

“This raises the possibility that he had some intent or hope of escape or evasion by police,” counsel assisting the inquiry, Jeremy Gormly SC, told the inquest.

A triple-zero call made by cafe manager Tori Johnson. When the call was played on Monday, it revealed a chaotic initial contact with police.

Johnson was compelled at gunpoint to read a handwritten note scripted on a piece of A4 paper. It said that Australia was under attack from Islamic State and that bombs were placed around the Sydney CBD, says Mashable.

At the end of the siege, Johnson was executed by Monis. During that moment police stormed the cafe and shot Monis, says Sky News.

Johnson was praised by Gormly. “One cannot help but admire the calmness and coolness with which he managed that call,” Gormly said. However, a police tactical operations unit believed that “a negotiated resolution was likely to occur.”

The Sydney siege might have been planned by Monis for as long as two months. The inquest was told that he registered a new phone under another person’s name in October 2014, but did not use it until the siege.

Monis kept an eye on media coverage throughout the siege. It was also added that he may have demanded police to bring him an Islamic State flag. The flag he carried didn’t have anything to do with terrorism.