The commander of the New South Wales Police Tactical Operations during the Sydney siege never provided crucial notes to anybody, which were taken during the stand-off at Lindt cafe, according to Jeremy Gormly SC, the counsel assisting the coroner.

Sophie Callan, who is probing the matter, found some missing links in the December 2014 siege that led to the unfortunate deaths of three people present in the café. During her investigation, she found that the officer in charge of tactics initially forgot to bring his PTG operations manual at the investigation spot, but he then brought the aide memoire where he took important notes about the crime scene. Those information were never tendered to higher officials.

It was also reported by The Guardian that the tactical officer was busy attending to other high-risk incidents in the city, while negotiators tried to tamp down the situation at Lindt Café. Although the officer was highly responsible for assisting commanders decide on what strategy to employ to take control of the situation at the café, he was not seen by anyone assisting the inquiry on that fateful day.

The notes, however, have now been retrieved, according to the counsel assisting the coroner, Jeremy Gormly SC. He also mentioned that the notes will be thoroughly examined initially and will then be furnished to relevant parties or families of slain hostages.

Among the three people killed during the siege was café manager Tori Johnson, who was shot down by Man Haron Monis. Another victim was hostage Katrina Dawson, who was by hit by police bullet fragments. The gunman was later killed by the police, in reports by Last month, there were news that Australia’s most wanted terrorist was kidnapped, as IS detained Khaled Sharrouf. Read more news here.

When investigating the case, Gormly SC asked the officer, who was identified by codename “Graeme”: “Was it the case that there was no one else in the entire NSW police force who could deal with these issues other than you?” To that, Graeme replied that he acted according to the protocol.

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