A former Sydney convenience shop owner, Adeel Ahmad Khan has been convicted of manslaughter of a mother and her child in a fire at his shop in 2014. According to the verdicts of the NSW Supreme court, the shopkeeper was not found guilty of murdering anyone but was convicted of manslaughter instead.

Khan, 46, was convicted on Friday of deliberately setting his shop on fire and murdering 32-year-old Brianca O’Brien and her 11-month-old son, Jude. O’Brien’s 27-year-old neighbor, Chris Noble who lived directly above Khan’s shop, also died in the fire.

Liz Noble, the mother of the victim, Chris Noble told the media, “The accused has never expressed any remorse or sorrow for the lives taken and that has been really, really difficult for us.” The jury also found Khan guilty of destroying his shop for personal gains in order to avoid lease obligations and secure an insurance payment.

In the heinous act committed by Khan, two more people were grievously harmed, of which one was Noble’s flatmates, Todd Fisher and Corey Cameron. The police was successful in arresting Khan on the basis of a CCTV footage that caught the convicted buying 38 liters of fuel and pumping it into containers a couple of nights before the fire, notes Courier Mail.

Soon after the explosion, emergency workers reached the spot and retrieved Khan from under the debris along with other bodies as well. The store owner, however, apologized to the rescue workers for what happened which in a way was an evidence of his guilt. According to police, another reason to suspect the shopkeeper was a face mask that was found in his pocket.

Khan explained in his defense that he was under extreme financial pressure with loans amounting to $400,000 which the police suspects have led Khan to commit the crime, states The Guardian. The father of three also testified that robbers had tied him up and lit his shop on fire. His statements were, however, considered invalid in relation to the trial.

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