Another shark attack has been reported on a Sydney beach prompting authorities to issue a warning. A shark took away a dog from the shore on Sunday. Swimmers, surfers, and pet owners have, therefore, been asked to remain away from a south Sydney beach.

The dog was swimming off the shore when the shark attack took place. The Sutherland Shire Council authorities have confirmed the incident that occurred at the Bonna Point beach in Kurnell. They have also declared the spot as unsafe for people as well as pets. There were lifeguards all over the beach to ensure warning everyone over there to remain out of the water, the council added.

The beach authorities have also implemented some signs to warn people of the shark attack on the Sydney beach. “NSW Department of Primary Industries advises people to avoid swimming or surfing when it is dark or during twilight hours and encourages the use of the SharkSmart app which has safety tips for swimmers, surfers, divers, snorkellers and spearfishers,” the council said in a statement.

Pet Owner’s Reaction 

South Sydney resident Nigel owned the dog. He said that it was a traumatizing and “horrific” scene when the shark pulled his dog under the water. The owner said that he and his wife could not do anything to save their pet from the creature. It was a bull shark, he believed. The dog’s name was Molly.

Nigel refused to reveal his last name. He said that he had owned his dog for two years. He said that it had been only 30 minutes since they reached the beach on Sunday when the shark attack took place. They were about to leave the spot but they lost Molly, he added.

“We were just throwing the stick in the water. The tide was really far out and there was a bit of a drop off [where the water became deeper,]” Nigel said as quoted by Stuff NZ. “We just freaked out and we told a few people that we saw on the way back. I also rang the council to let them know,” he added.

The pulling of the dog by the shark was a quick action and within seconds they could not see Molly again and “could not retrieve her body.” The shark attack incidents have been rising adversely throughout Australia. However, the Sydney shark attack has come after several sightings of sharks close to swimmers and surfers in Botany Bay in February.

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