A number of schools across Sydney have been put into lockdown as NSW Police are undergoing operations following a phone call made indicating potential threats. The Police are not confirming anything yet, since they are conducting emergency operations on at least nine schools in Sydney. Those schools are in lockdown and the students are evacuated.

Around 1.30 pm today, NSW Police has released a statement confirming the lockdown. The nine schools are:

  • Sydney Girls High School in Moore Park
  • Randwick Girls High School, Randwick
  • Riverside Girls High School, Hunters Hill
  • Hunters Hill High School, Hunters Hill
  • Sydney Technical High School, Rockdale
  • Cheltenham Girls High School, Cheltenham
  • South Sydney High School, Marouba
  • James Ruse Agricultural High School, Carlingford

It is also believed that Mosman High School has been evacuated. As far as this report goes, no bombs have been found on any of the school premises. The authorities believe that this threat is also hoax, similar to the one made last week.

According to a Police spokeswoman, this threat is ‘vey low level’, and that there was ‘nothing at all’.

“Each school is taking precautionary measures to ensure the safety of its students and no students are in danger,” she said. “Police are attending at each location as a precaution. Concerned parents can contact their child’s school.”

In a statement released by the NSW Police Department, it is noted that “Police are aware of numerous threats made to schools in the Sydney Metropolitan Region. Investigations are continuing, and police are liaising with the Department of Education. No further information is available at this time.”

The statement further added, “Police are warning that making such threats is a serious criminal offence and every effort will be made to identify the person or persons responsible.”

This kind of threat comes after a series of similar hoax bomb warnings came certain countries around the world. Countries include United Kingdom, France, the Netherlands, and Tokyo.

It is believed that a Russian Twitter group that goes by the name ‘Evacuators 2K16‘  has acclaimed for a series of hoax calls around UK and France that led to massive evacuations earlier this week. No one has claimed for today’s actions, as yet.