An employee at a Lebanese restaurant in Sydney was severely injured, as a result of a massive brawl between two groups of men. The situation reportedly turned very serious, and the cops were called for help. However, no arrests were made over the incident.

The exact reason behind the fight remain unknown. The restaurant suffered damage due to the brawl.

A CCTV footage obtained by 9News reveal how a brawl between two groups affected the whole scenario at the Liverpool’s D’roost restaurant. The footage shows a large crowd of customers throwing chairs and swinging shisha pipes at each other. During the brawl, a 25-year-old waiter at the restaurant was hit on the face with glass, resulting in severe injuries. He was later taken to the Liverpool Hospital.

Despite the chaos, the restaurant owner, Tim Abraham tried his best to control the fight. He also made sure customers were okay. “We couldn’t help it. It was too much. There were too many people getting involved straight away, we were fully booked yesterday and we couldn’t control it,” Abraham told Mirror Online. The owner also claimed that they had to suffer a major loss, as many customers left the scene without paying bills.

The cops later came in for rescue, but no arrests were made. The crowd had supposedly dispersed by then, but the police is currently on a look out for the culprits.

This is not the first time we hear about such incidents occurring at restaurants. In a similar incident last year, a man, during a fight was stabbed multiple times outside a Lebanese restaurant in South-West London. It was reportedly a very serious attack, which led the victim slip into the ICU. In yet another incident sometime back at a Sydney restaurant, several people suffered severe injuries following a fight during birthday celebrations.