Police have charged a 34-year-old man with alleged assault of a woman in Mosman while she was walking her dogs. The incident is being considered as yet another Sydney racial attack.

The woman was accompanied by her 26-year-old girlfriend on Glover Street when the man attacked her. He approached the 29-year-old woman and pushed her multiple times until she head-butted the ground. Police confirmed that the man tried to escape but the victim did not let him do so.

The victim and her partner kept following him while he walked away. This was when the suspect hit her several times on her face before he fled. The woman, according to reports, suffered a fracture in her eye socket because of repeated punching during the incident.

The man abused the woman viciously. After the woman was hit and injured, emergency services were called to the spot and the victim was taken to a hospital. She underwent surgery but is now in a stable condition, as reported. The man was taken to North Sydney Police Station and has been charged with reckless grievous bodily harm and common assault.

The latest reports have stated that he has been refused bail and is due to present at Central Local Court on Tuesday.

The investigators have found the incident as an “unprovoked” act.

Police, according to The Daily Telegraph, have claimed that the incident was a racially driven act of assault. They also doubt if the man suffered from some kind of mental illness. A source from the law enforcement department said that the use of words while he allegedly screamed at the women showed his anti-Asian sentiments.

Racial attack incidents are very common in Australia. This is not the first and would hardly be the last case of racial discrimination in the nation. Whether it is a restaurant or a train, people with distinctive physical features are always targeted despite being an Aussie resident for a long time.