A new Sydney pub is scheduled to open with an all-vegetarian menu to give visitors a chance to enjoy vegan treats the same way they do non-veg delicacies.

The Red Lion Hotel in Sydney’s inner west Rozelle is all set to open its new venture with a vegan-only menu, though it will have mock meats and wines for its customers. The vegan division The Green Lion will start operating on Sept. 18, Sunday.

According to the latest surveys, people are opting for more veggie food items than meaty delights. Whether it is Sydney’s popular restaurant Yellow or Newtown’s pizzeria Gigi, it is observed that every food hub is encouraging consumption of vegan food items. A plant-based menu is becoming the first option in restaurants and pubs these days.

Movements like “Meat-free Mondays” are emerging to inspire vegan-driven steps conducted by food hubs, as the preference of foodies is changing from non-vegan to vegan food. The Green Lion will be the very first Sydney pub to become an all-vegan food spot for food buffs.

“We’ll be doing normal pub fare like burgers, chips and pizzas, but vegan. Basically, anything that would normally be on a pub menu, we’ll have in a vegan style,” The Green Lion co-founder Bhavani Baumann told a news outlet.

Being a vegan himself, Baumann said that the pub will not only aim to serve the food requirements of vegans but will also make itself preferred by non-veggies. He said that the restaurant will have a Big Mac containing soya bean patty as well as a fish burger prepared using fake fillets of fish. Such vegan recipes will surely live up to the taste of people who prefer meat dishes.

“We’re not the super vegans and we’re not here to preach,” the Sydney pub owner said as quoted by News.com.au. “A lot of people just want to have a meat-free meal once or twice a week, so we’re focused on those people as well. We’re just doing what we love to do, to show how yummy and tasty it can be to cut down on your meat consumption.”