The royal commission concerned with child sexual abuse issues across Australia has alleged some of the best known Australian private schools for having cases of sexual abuse of students.

There are several men who have claimed being physically abused by teachers and staff members of their schools. Sydney lawyer Ross Koffel confirmed that he is into the process of multiple claims for both physical and mental damages done to students by some of the most prestigious private schools in the country. He will bring the matters into the focus of the NSW Supreme Court.

Koffel confirmed that there are many people who approached him and requested him to fight for the wrong done to them. “It just seemed to me to be the same problem in school after school after school and it surprised us how many schools, how many students are affected,” the lawyer told the ABC. “It is a systemic problem in the institutions, in the schools. We’re alleging sexual abuse of the students during school hours in most cases and on the school premises and it just really couldn’t be worse.”

Schools Involved

  • The Scots College
  • Knox Grammar School
  • Waverley College and De La Salle College
  • Revesby Heights

The lawyer said that there are 10 child abuse claims in total from students of the above-mentioned private schools that have been lodged as of now. However, there will two more additions in the coming months.

Koffel told Fairfax Media that the clients demanded hundreds of thousands of dollars from the schools that violated their honour at one point of time. “That in each case varies but it is made up of past medical expenses, past economic loss, future economic loss – it’s a complicated formula,” he said.

“There’s obviously a systemic problem amongst all of these schools and one hopes that taking these actions, our clients who are the victims not only will be compensated but will get apologies from various institutions and recognition that the school has done the wrong thing by them,” he added.

“The outcome hopefully is that each school will have better procedures in the future so it will never happen again.”