A Sydney pharmacist was reportedly laughing while surrendering himself to the prison guards for his imprisonment to commence.

Thirty-four-year-old Yan Chi Cheung spiked the drinks of a married woman following her rejection to his proposal of having sex with him. He has been sentenced to a 10-month jail term.

The married man used to take advantage of the victim while playing the role of a caring friend. He used to make sexual advances and would brush the woman’s breasts and buttocks. When she started resisting the attempts, Cheung started giving her a measured dose of antihistamine, antipsychotic and antidepressant medication.

The man remained on bail while making an appeal to the court. The appeal was turned down in July when he was found guilty of poisoning with an intention of harming someone. He was charged with one count of crime at the stage.

However, the latest reports have suggested that Cheung withdrew his appeal ahead of an expected hearing scheduled on Tuesday at Sydney’s District Court.

During the earlier proceedings, the court heard that the guilty had prayed for the healthy improvement of his victim publicly. He used strong chemicals for Pamela Leung to consume in different forms to cause pain and distress to her. The vengeful act on the married victim continued for a year. In some instances, Cheung used to crush pills and mix it with water so that she drank the same.

A few times, the guilty used to slip drugs into her coffee, which she sipped unknowingly. After giving her “therapeutic range” of drugs to the victim, Cheung played the role of a caring friend in their church group. 9News mentioned that the duo met at a Surry Hills Chinese Presbyterian Church for the first time in 2010. They have been working together since 2015 at a pharmacy at the UNSW campus in Sydney.

The Sydney pharmacist has already been suspended and would not likely be interested in working in a pharmacy again, according to the court.