A dog and a cat are missing after their petsitter suffered from a stroke in Summer Hills, Sydney. The man was supposed to be taking care of the pets while their owners were away.

Residents and vets of the Sydney suburb are frantically searching for the animals. As reported by the guardian, Facebook pages are organised by the people to boost the search operation. They are also going door to door in search of the pets.

The petsitter whose name is Tim,  could not tell his family about the whereabouts of the cat and the dog after his stroke.  He was unable to communicate and had lost his memory.

The petsitter’s son Sean contacted Tara Britton, a veterinary nurse at summer Hill Village Vet, seeking help to look for the animals.

Tara said, “best case scenario is that these animals are outdoor animals or have access to outdoor areas which means with this rain there is hopefully going to be some water sources around for them”.

Summer Hill Village Vet shared the story on Facebook. The post in Facebook said that the petsitter, Tim had a stroke on his way to the house where the animals were on Boxing Day, reported Mail Online. Since he was unable to communicate, he cannot tell his son where the house is. The pet owners, who are in their 50s, went for a holiday to the south coast of NSW. Tim was supposed to look after the animals for another two weeks.

Local residents are also very helpful in the search operation. People are posting notices and doing a lot of doorknocking in the hope of finding information about the pets. They are also spreading the story by word of mouth to create awareness about the lost pets.

Harberfield/Summer Hill Urgent Pet Search Volunteers shared information about the pets and appealed to residents in the surrounding areas to inform Summer Hill Village Vets or Summer Hill Police in these respective numbers (02)9797 2555,   (02)9797 4099.

The pets were left without food for more than five days now, confirmed The Times. The residents of Summer Hill are concerned about the safety and health of the animals.