Australian heritage Sydney Opera House is all set to undergo a major renovation worth $202 million. Plans of revamping the concert hall along with upgrading other parts have been unveiled.

The government authorities have planned to work on the famously “hideous” acoustics that have remained as is since 1973. The NSW government mentioned that although the waterside sail-shaped venue symbolized “modern Australia,” it needed renewal.

NSW Deputy Premier Try Grant said that the Opera House was a result of traditional designing, and hence, would remain so even after the renovation. However, after the renewal, the Opera House will be more accessible to the public. The designs have been specified and sanctioned, keeping in mind the improvement that would cover the needs of both audiences as well as artists.

“The heritage of this building will not be lost, it’ll only be enhanced,” he said. “The renewal process is a magnificent milestone in the history of this wonderful institution.”

Danish architect Jorn Utzon designed the Sydney Opera House, which is considered as one of the architectural products in the world that needed major renewal. In 2011, according to The Telegraph UK, a survey was conducted where Australian musicians, audiences and critics were questioned about 20 main concert venues. In the survey, it was found that the concert hall grabbed position 18 as the worst venue while on spot 20 was the Opera House’s smaller opera theater.

Sydney Opera House CEO Louise Herron said that the renewal would be the biggest in the history of the iconic building. “We’re celebrating an important milestone in the life of the building through the largest program of capital works since the Opera House opened in 1973 when the first notes rang out,” she said.

On the other hand, the ABC reported that many Australians have praised the decision without criticizing the dilapidated condition of the space. Sydney Symphony Orchestra chief conductor David Roberston appreciated the renovation decision of the NSW government. He added that the makeover will provide acoustic clarity to the concert hall, which has disappointed audiences so many times.