For those who have been complaining about Sydney‘s fast-disappearing nightlife, take a breather. Amsterdam’s Night Mayor Mirik Milan, who will be attending the 5th annual Electronic Music Conference, will reportedly address plans to reinvigorate the city’s nightlife and how different policies could work to improve the city.

Mirik Milan has been the Night Mayor of Amsterdam since 2012. He will address policies that will not only eradicate the lockouts, but will also build bridges between business owners, the city council, the mayor, residents and the public in order to create a safe environment for everyone.

Milan’s responsibility as a Night Mayor ensures “a dynamic nightlife in Amsterdam, helping build bridges between the business owners specific to nightlife in the city and the city council, mayor, residents and the public to create a pleasant, safe environment without damaging the nightlife’s attractive and vibrant economy.”

“We believe Milan’s knowledge and experience will be invaluable in our own city’s pursuit of a vibrant and safe nightlife. Amsterdam has shown us and the rest of the world that it is possible to achieve this,” EMC Programmer Erin Flanagan told

A report on Sydney nightlife released by Deputy Premier Troy Grant has identified 25 recommendations. The brilliant recommendations and ideas range from extended trading hours for retailers and all-night public transport to food trucks, pop-up performances and public art, reported by The strategies will also include discounted parking and ensuring safety and more freedom to women at night. Adding up to this, the NSW government introduced an app that details entertainment and transport options for late-night revelers.

The government has faced flak over its strict venue lockout laws. The Opposition has blamed the government for killing Sydney’s once-vibrant nightlife.