The crippled nightlife of Sydney might not help the city’ economic recovery but it has definitely disturbed the lives of the youngsters, who are mostly music lovers. This led to a strict opponent of the lockout laws to call for the cancellation of the order.

Keep Sydney Open founder Tyson Koh said that the nightlife of the city would hardly recover completely even if the call for the withdrawal of the laws is passed. The finding of the lockout laws of the state will be submitted to the state government on Tuesday following a detailed review of the law that has remained under controversy since it came into existence.

Koh seemed confident that the report will put forth the proposal of unwinding the laws. “It is never going to go back to the way it was. The city has rapidly gentrified in a way in which these entertainment precincts can never go back to their former glory days,” Koh told 9News. “That being said, there are other areas like Double Bay and Newtown which could fill the void.”

It was in February 2016 when the NSW government announced an independent review to be conducted to find out if the lockout of venues after 1:30 am is feasible. It asked for a detailed report to be submitted. As a result of the closure of nightlife venues, over 20 spots closed down across the Sydney CBD and Kings Cross. That same month, state Premier Mike Baird condemned those opposing the lockout laws and said that the laws were “about moralizing” and hence, they are good to be implemented.

The Sydney Morning Herald reported that the arbitrary time of lockout compelled the music venues to feature lesser shows, thereby affecting their cultural and economic conditions negatively. The government also took advantage of the lockout laws and imposed a brutal economic sanction on pubs, bars and restaurants without any record of violence.

It’s time to wait for the decision from the government after it goes through the report and considers the economic, social and cultural parameters negatively affecting the nightlife venues.