Imagine yourself hopping on a plane from New York to Sydney in just 32 minutes, to London in 11 minutes, or from New York to Dubai in just 22 minutes. Impossible? Meet the Antipode.

Canadian designer and engineer Charles Bombardier came up with the concept called the Antipode, a private jet concept that could fly on March 24, hurling 10 people to 12,430 miles in under an hour.

Several months ago, Architectural Digest reported Bombardier’s first attempt at supersonic jet travel with Skreemr. His vision involved a jet that would be shot out of a magnetically charged electric launch system.

Architectural Digest added that the “75-passenger craft would ignite liquid oxygen in order to rise in speed and altitude until it was moving at such a rate to successfully compress incoming air for engine combustion, burning hydrogen and compressed oxygen to accelerate to an unbelievable speeds of Mach 10, or about 6,600 m.p.h. at 40,000 feet.”

The design website explained that for comparison, the Boeing 747s is only cruising at the speed of roughly 570 m.p.h.

Creating a new private jet concept that fixes many of the issues the Skreemr couldn’t solve is the Antipode. Bombardier collaborated with Lunatic Koncepts’ founder Abhishek Roy and a team from Wyle–a firm specialising in life science research, space operations, and aircraft technology among others.

The fruit of the collaboration is the Antipode that is over twice the speed of the Skreemr. In theory, the jet would be able to transport a maximum of ten people up to 12,427 miles in under an hour.

Bombardier shares his thoughts regarding his latest project in an article published in Forbes:

“I wanted to create an aircraft concept capable of reaching its antipode—or diametrical opposite—as fast as possible.”

Flight durations aboard the Antipode according to Forbes are as follows

  • New York to London (3,459 miles) – 11 minutes
  • New York to Paris (3,625 miles) –  12 minutes
  • New York to Tokyo (6,737 miles) – 22 minutes
  • New York to Dubai  (6,836 miles) – 22 minutes
  • New York to Shanghai (7,364 miles) – 24 minutes
  • New York to Hong Kong (8,040 miles) – 26 minutes
  • New York to Sydney (9,929 miles) – 32 minutes