Two Brothers 4 Life gang members have been found guilty of murdering a Sydney debt collector in front of his wife and children. The accused did not attend the trial because they threatened to resist the Corrective Service officers.

On December 16, 2013, Brothers 4 Life members, Farhad Qaumi, who is the gang leader and his brother Mumtaz Qaumi, shot 50-year-old Joe Antoun in his Strathfield home. According to reports, the victim was shot up to four times.

According to the Daily Telegraph, Antoun’s former business partner Elias “Les” Elias, have contracted the brothers to kill him. Elias then fled to the Philippines after the task was accomplished and did not go back to Australia until after the murder trial.

Apparently, the Qaumi brothers recruited a hit man, named as Witness L, to shoot Antoun. As seen in the footage captured by CCTV, Witness L initially knocked on the victim’s door and as it was opened, he started shooting him and fled the scene with a car.

The gunman said that the Qaumi brothers were paid $200,000 for the task. Other witnesses also claim that a man named Pasquale Barbaro also contributed in the payment and like many people, he too wanted Antoun dead.

Defense barrister John Stratton also revealed more details about the world of the Qaumi brothers. One of the gang members told the court that Farhad Qaumi was invited to a New Year’s Eve party on a luxury yacht, where model Miranda Kerr would also appear.

However, Miranda Kerr was not there. Farhad was then shot in the shoulder by another gunman. This happened 15 days after Antoun was gunned down.

When the gang members gave evidence to the court, the Qaumi brothers were smirking at them. Chaos then erupted after Justice Hamill left the bench. The fight was then cooled down after.

Teagan Mullens, the widow of Antoun, pointed out that she was glad the trial has ended and the brothers were found guilty of killing her husband. She added, “I’m glad that something good came out of the tragedy of Joe’s death.”

Moreover, Mullens has admitted that the allegations against Barbaro shocked her. According to the widow, she did not know that he was also involved in the murder of her husband. Meanwhile, she said that she wants Elias to come back to the country so the authorities can properly interview him.

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