The continuous criticism of the Sydney lockout laws by the public seems to have influenced NSW Premier Mike Baird greatly, as he is likely to withdraw the same.

It is expected that Baird will back down from the lockout laws, which he boldly introduced in 2014. The tough liquor laws and restrictions on timings gave rise to criticisms and controversies, leading to protests at regular intervals conducted by Keep Sydney Open campaign.

In September, the NSW government reviewed the lockout laws and prepared a report of around 151 pages, mentioning 1,800 submissions and relevant changes that could be considered to ease the strict liquor laws. The review was led by QC Ian Callinan.

The report recommended to increase the time for live music venues, including DJs, by 30 minutes and to allow cessation service at 3:30 am. The review also suggested the extension of the cut-off in the takeaway alcohol from 10 to 11 at night. The time for the delivery of alcohol has also been recommended to be extended from 10 pm to midnight.

Despite the recommendations of Callinan’s report, there do not seem any changes to be made in the Sydney lockout laws. However, with Baird’s reconsideration of the law, it seems that the recommendations, if adopted by the cabinet, could bring some changes to these laws and ensure making the rules easy and acceptable.

In addition to the Callinan recommendations to Sydney lockout laws, Deputy Premier and Justice Minister Troy Grant have also suggested extending hours of takeaway alcohol to midnight again. The decision on this is expected to be taken as early as Thursday.

It was only on Tuesday when Baird released a surprising mea cupla and reversed the impending ban on the NSW greyhound industry. “I’m not going to sugarcoat it, I got it wrong,” the NSW premier apologized as quoted by Animal cruelty issue has always been one of the most significant issues that enhanced the rate of approval for the politician, which seemed to fall down drastically.