An alleged Sydney ISIS attack took place on Saturday afternoon when a Muslim man attacked an Australian in a Sydney Park.

Police claimed it to be an “act of terror” that was inspired by the Daesh group. The 59-year-old father of three, Wayne Greenhalgh, was in a hospital and still critical. The officers have claimed the attack was inspired by ISIS and the man who attempted to kill the Australian did so because of his complete Aussie appearance as he “believed the man was the embodiment of Australian culture.”

The law enforcement officers have charged 22-year-old Ihsas Khan with terrorism offences following his alleged stabbing of the man. He stabbed the victim multiple times while he walked through the park, located in the district of Minto in Sydney. In addition to the victim, according to further reports, Khan also tried to stab and harm a police officer ahead of being arrested.

After being arrested, the accused appeared at Parramatta Bail Court but was refused bail. Khan’s charged have not yet been proven and the case was adjourned until Wednesday. If he is proven guilty, he will have to face life imprisonment for the crime he allegedly committed.

9News reported that the police believe Khan to be known to them because of his earlier “odd” behavior and street preaching. The officers claimed that the actions of the man were inspired by the extremist group and hence he might have attacked him because of his ‘Aussieness.’

NSW Deputy Police Commissioner Catherine Burn said that the accused and the victims were unknown to each other. She added that Khan uttered some of the words during the Sydney ISIS attack that made the department feel he was connected to the Daesh group.

“This was clearly a very volatile, a very violent situation that police and the members of the community were confronted with,” she said as quoted by The Independent.

“We know that this person has strong religious beliefs inspired by ISIS. What made him act yesterday we don’t know. This is the new face of terrorism. This is the new face of what we deal with.”