A man rescued a 9-year-old neighbor from house fire. The Sydney house fire took place in Hill End Road in Doonside early Saturday morning.

The family of seven managed to escape the fire. But, the little girl was apparently stuck inside. According to a woman who lives across the road, her husband went inside the blazing house and rescued the 9-year-old child.

The husband put the girl outside and waited for the ambulance to come. When the ambulance arrived, it was found that the girl was in critical condition. Paramedics stabilized the child on the front lawn and took her to Westmead Children’s Hospital.

“I saw him run through the house, through smoke and fire, and grab a little girl to save her life,” The Sydney Morning Herald quoted the woman as saying. “I was worried about my husband, it was a big shock.”

According to reports, the Sydney house fire caused major burns on the girl’s feet, arms and face. She is still in critical condition. Nevertheless, her parents and four siblings managed to escape the fire without injury.

At least three fire engines were seen at the scene. Firefighters, with breathing apparatus on, went inside the house and extinguished the fire. They managed to control the fire before it could reach other neighborhood properties.

Neighbors stood in front of the house as they watched the blaze unfold.

An investigation is going on regarding the cause of the fire. According to NSW Police, emergency services were called at around about 6.30 am and “found the building well-alight.”

While Fire & Rescue NSW fire fighters managed to control the fire at the house, it became “extensively damaged.”

Police are yet to talk to the family regarding the Sydney house fire. But, according to a NSW Police spokesperson, there is no hint of any foul play involved in the incident.