The John Hunter Hospital staff is facing disciplinary action after a missing female patient was found dead in the toilet of her ward.

The Sydney hospital scandal has shocked everyone. The hospital is facing strict action after it failed to look for a woman patient for upto seven and a half hours after she went missing. An investigation of its protocols is underway.

The patient, in her 40s was admitted to emergency three days earlier for abdominal pain. She was found dead in the toilet near her bed states Sydney Morning Herald. It has been found that the security was notified about the missing patient around four hours after her last sighting.

According to The Herald, the staff tried to contact the patient on mobile phone at around 8:30 pm on May 11. This was three hours after she was last seen. However, a relative answered the call, who was informed about the same.
Security was alerted an hour after this. The relative then called back half an hour before midnight to check if she had been found.

The staff took another three and a half hours to conduct a search. The patient was found in minutes though. The Sydney hospital scandal compelled Hunter New England Health, which offers public health services to the Hunter, New England and Lower Mid North Coast regions,to start an internal investigation into the matter.

It has already taken action against some of the staff members informs SBS news. The patient’s death is not being considered as suspicious, though it is under coronial investigation. Her family is currently seeking legal advice and hence have not made any public comments regarding the hospital and their ordeal.

“We have offered our sincere condolences to the patient’s family and, in line with their wishes, Hunter New England Health will not be providing information on this patient,” said Michael DiRienzo, chief executive.
“Interim disciplinary action has been taken with a number of staff members while the findings of the internal investigation are determined,” he added.