A newborn died a tragic death after laughing gas or nitrous oxygen was mixed with oxygen at a Sydney hospital, which ended the innocent infant’s life.

Another infant is also suspected to have suffered brain damage after his exposure to the oxygen mix. New South Wales Health Minister Jillian Skinner said that the neonatal resuscitation unit at Bankstown-Lidcombe Hospital was inappropriately installed by BOC Limited in July 2015.

The minister released a statement in which she said that the tragedy occurred because of a “devastating error.” She said that she felt sorry for the families of the babies. She added that the NSW health authority would help them in every possible manner and provide them all support.

The infants were treated with nitrous oxide instead of oxygen, the exposure to which claimed the life of one and threatened the life of another. The mistake of the Sydney hospital came into the limelight on Thursday when a pediatrician raised doubts over the sudden death of a baby.

Sonya Ghanem, the mother of the infant who died, said that she held her baby and asked him to wake up but he didn’t. She shared her heartbreaking story with the Nine Network. She said that she went to the hospital for a normal childbirth as she needed a caesarean section, as told by a doctor. However, when she returned to normal state after the anesthesia, a nurse told her that her baby was no more.”I held my baby … just looking at him, shaking my son. `Wake up’, I would tell him, `wake up, wake up. What have they done to you’,” Sonya said.

Skinner said that the government had asked the company to provide an explanation while “demanding urgent advice” on how their negligence can cause an infant’s death. The company, on the other hand, released a statement in which it stated that it was sad about what happened. It added that it would identify the cause behind the Sydney hospital tragedy. It said that it was undertaking an internal investigation to find out the truth.

“We deeply regret that these families are suffering pain and sorrow,” it said, as quoted by the ABC. “As soon as BOC was notified of the situation we cooperated fully with all investigations being undertaken by the NSW Government – the hospital, the NSW coroner, and the Ministry of Health teams.”