Traffic on the Sydney Harbour Bridge continues to move slowly after a truck spilled a load of dirt and rubble across the length of a lane on it on Friday. The road blockade caused traffic delays in both directions.

The bobcats and tractors left before a predicted storm to clean up the mess but was unable to reach the stretch because of the traffic. The spill initially required the closure of three northbound lanes. A spokesperson for the Transport Management Centre said that all the lanes have been opened. However, people travelling north by the bridge have been asked to expect delays.

As the traffic stays jammed in a long queue of about 3 km on both lanes, the dirt is being cleaned by the TMC crew members who are shovelling them off the street and piling it on to a truck.

Despite the progress in the clean-up efforts, the TMC advised people intending to travel north by bus to take the train while motorists were urged to take the Sydney Harbour Tunnel instead. The Sydney Morning Herald reported that the motorists were asked to spare enough time if they must take the bridge.

“Motorists already on the Harbour Bridge should allow plenty of extra travel time and expect significant delays,” the TMC said. “Southbound traffic is also heavy as motorists are slowing past the site.”

Skynews reported that an aerial footage showed a truck and a trailer parked at the Milsons Point  found at the northern end of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The truck and the trailer belong to an excavating company contracted from NSW.

According to a police spokesperson, the driver of the truck that spilled the dirt is being sought. However, no charges have been laid on him as of yet.