In a shocking incident, a married couple got severely injured in a hammer attack at a bus stop in South-West Sydney. It all happened when an elderly woman, probably in her sixties, was waiting at a bus stop in Liverpool at about 7:30am on Friday. She was reportedly approached by a man, who assaulted her in public.

The accused, 46, attacked the woman with a hammer, resulting in serious neck injuries suffered by the latter. The victim then contacted her husband, who tried to perform a citizen’s arrest at a nearby 7-Eleven. However, he was also assaulted with the hammer, reported by The Sydney Morning Herald.

Reports claim that the woman’s husband approached the attacker, but the latter started hitting him suddenly with the hammer. The victim suffered a broken arm, and is currently being treated at the hospital. The cops were called immediately to the service station and they arrested the man.

“The woman’s husband attempted to arrest this man at a nearby service station and he was also assaulted with the hammer. He is still in custody, undergoing inquiries at Liverpool Police Station,” a police spokesperson told Daily Mail Australia.

In a similar incident, a Sydney-based man was charged with the attempted murder of his wife after an alleged hammer attack that left her fighting for her life. She was wounded so badly that the doctors had to remove a part of her skull, as they battled to save her from severe head injuries. The accused was charged with attempted murder and maliciously inflicting grievous bodily harm. He was later traced in his car nearby with self-inflicted injuries.

In yet another alarming case a few months back, a man killed his cannabis dealer by bashing his head with a hammer at least 21 times. He was later jailed for 20 years.