The gay community has been targeted once again following an acid attack in a Sydney gay club, where a man has been arrested for replacing lubricants with highly corrosive hydrochloric acid.

Police have charged the man, 62, over claims of tampering with the dispenser attached to the room’s wall. The incident took place at the Rydalemere’s Bridge Street’s Aarows club located in Sydney’s northwest on Saturday. The club is considered as a gay and bi social club that makes available “three levels of adult adventure.”

Reports have indicated that the items present in the club were already fitted with alarms following a similar incident that took place earlier. “Police alleged that an alarm sounded and security detained the man before police from Rosehill Local Area Command attended,” police said.

The man has been charged with several counts of charges that included administering poison with an intention to harm people, including injury, malicious damage, pain and distress. He has also been charged with entering a building illegally with evil intentions.

Despite the highly corrosive nature of the acid, there were no serious injuries reported from the spot. Where police claimed no harm was done to anyone, a staff member refused to answer questions relating to the event.

The man, however, has been granted conditional bail as he is due to present at Parramatta Local Court on Sept. 30.

One of the clubgoers, according to the ABC, said that the acid was a dangerous thing to play with as it could have caused severe damage to lives. He called it a “sick” thing to do.

The hydrochloric acid that was used for the attack at the Sydney gay club is a pungent chemical that has a strong and corrosive effect on the skin, which can result in burns, scars and even ulcers.

It was in 2013, according to the Sydney Morning Herald, when the Aarows club was on the news. An attempted shooting murder was reported from the club’s carpark, where an extremist named Milad Bin Ahmad-Shah Al-Ahmadzai along with another man targeted Michael Rooke. The incident gave rise to a miracle, wherein the victim still survived even after he was hit on the torso, ankle, lungs, liver and groin.