An argument in Sydney’s southwest between a 20-year-old son and his father over a computer has turned into a crime scene.

The son, Daniel Chapman, stabbed his 56-year-old father, Stephen, on Sunday night in their home in Moorebank near Liverpool.

Liverpool Local Area Command Detective Chief Inspector Ken Hardie reports on Monday that Stephen, a computer consultant and accountant, argued about his son’s internet usage, which has been a long-standing issue within the family. When Daniel, formerly a Moorebank High School student, refused to leave his computer and come to dinner, Stephen disconnected the internet cable.

The heated argument led Daniel Chapman to stab his father. The victim’s wife, who was at home during the attack and did not get hurt, asked Daniel to seek for their neighbor’s help.

Daniel Chapman

Stephen Chapman. Credit: Linkedin/Stephen Chapman

The authorities, including paramedics, arrived at the scene around 8:40 in the evening. They found the critically injured Stephen and Daniel inside their house.

The paramedics tried very hard to save Stephen but they were too late. The victim’s son did not go to the Parramatta Bail Court on Monday and he also did not apply for bail.

About Daniel Chapman

Daniel’s lawyer, Adam Ly, says that the 20-year-old’s mental health problems could have been a factor for the fatal stabbing of his father. Ly adds that his client is not coping very well. Meanwhile, the lawyer expresses concern for the victim’s wife as well, who has one son in jail and a husband now gone.

The incident shocked Daniel’s friends and former school mates. They described him as an avid gamer. They added that Daniel was socially awkward and had a temper, but he was never a threat.

“He was always socially awkward and loved his video games, especially with guns,” says Daniel’s former classmate, Sydney Morning Herald reports.  “He would often make his own toy guns that shoot paper but nothing too dangerous. There hasn’t been any real issues with him publicly.”