A 3.9-magnitude Sydney earthquake has rocked the city. The severe effects were felt in Appin and surrounding areas where homes have been hit hard. The epicenter of the quake was 16 kilometer south of Campbelltown and hit the areas after 1:30 am. GeoScience Australia stated that the quake is likely to have been felt within 56-kilometer of radius from the epicenter. It included parts of southern highlands, Wollongong and some major parts of western and southern Sydney.

Local MP Jai Rowell asked the residents to remain calm and not panic. He even took to Twitter to interact with his constituents. His message that it was hard to believe that his constituency had an earthquake but it was true. Rowell also asked local people to report all damages and injuries people suffered to the emergency service.

GeoScience seismologist Jonathan Bathgate said that the authorities received numerous calls from residents. They also got over 100 online reports of the impact of the Sydney earthquake. “Most people are not reporting any damage at this stage, but certainly are reporting shaking enough to have woken them up and knock objects off shelves, loose objects, and rattle windows and things like that,” the ABC quoted him as saying.

“So a magnitude-3.9 — it’s certainly a good shake.” Meanwhile, Sunrise Australia has stated that the local people ran onto the streets. Most of them not knowing the danger they were in. They could hardly figure out what was happening when the Sydney earthquake occurred.

Rowell said that the incident must be taken as a learning curve for the authorities. It should serve as a warning to the authorities about their calamity preparedness protocol. They should realize that making relevant preparations for sudden calamities like earthquakes are important.

History of Sydney Earthquake in the Area

According to the reports, the area that was hit by the latest Sydney earthquake is actually prone to such strikes. The earthquakes have remained a usual phenomenon in the region since 1999. The magnitude of the strikes normally ranges from magnitude-1.9 to magnitude-4.8. The earthquakes occur every year or two, Bathgate said. The seismologist, on the other hand, added that the strike was not consistent, though. In 2013, there were five quakes within a gap of few months.

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