As Sydney council elections are around the corner, Lord Mayor Clover Moore has announced her running team for the September elections.

The mayor revealed her plans for giving a ticket to high-profile candidates to participate in the elections to record a win. Moore has remained in the elected position since 2004 and is now ready to run the council elections alongside six other contestants. The Moore team of independents for the council elections includes returning councilor Robert Kok, prominent medical expert Kerryn Phelps, architect Philip Thalis, as well as industry leaders Jess Scully, Catherine Lezer and Jess Miller.

The former MP of Bligh seemed unsure of contesting in the council elections earlier in 2016 but in May, she announced that she will be participating in the re-elections. “My reason for running again is because I want to ensure that the council of the future is progressive and independent and community led,” The Daily Telegraph quoted her as saying.

Moore is the first woman to be elected to the MP position on the basis of her popularity. She served as a mayor thrice and been in the NSW parliament for 24 years. Hence, she has to carefully think about her decision to return for the fourth term. She has served her term through six prime ministers, eight planning ministers and six premiers.

The Lord Mayor claimed that she made this decision only because she feared if she would not return, the work that she started would be put on a halt and may be lost in the future. Such implementations in progress were “the consultative government, the action on climate change, the action for the active and creative communities, and our policies serving the community.”

She added that seeking re-elections is one of the key decisions she has taken. “I wanted to put together a very strong, talented team to ensure that what happens over the next four years and into the future,” she said.

Despite her decision, she could not yet justify if it would be an appropriate step to further the plans that are in their developing stage by running for the fourth term of Sydney council elections.