A former Trinity Grammar School teacher has been jailed after he has been proved guilty of child abuse. The court found Neil Albert Futcher guilty of sexually abusing six boys. As a result, he has been sentenced to 18 years and four months of imprisonment.

The former teacher was found guilty of 22 offences at the jury trial. These offences included 10 counts of indecent behaviour. Judge Jennie Girdham declared the guilty as “predatory, systematic, corrupting, sustained” in conducting his offences. The judge said that that the man was required to be made accountable. “There was no remorse or contrition displayed by the offender at any stage,” she said.

Judge’s Statement on Sydney Child Abuse Matter

Judge Girdham also said that the child abuse guilty taught his godson, when he was 16, about masturbation. The court believed that the information was educational. She also said that the man used to refer to cultures and time periods that considered sex with children acceptable.

“The offender being a teacher and sports coach in primary school in respect to three complainants … committed his offences against them in breach of trust,” she said. “Their lives have been profoundly affected by their dreadful experiences.”

Judge Girdham declared the references used by the child abuse offender as “distortions”. One of the survivors of the child abuse said outside the court that he was happy to know the court’s verdict. “It was as good as we could have imagined,” he said as quoted by the ABC. “I did note that he’s still denying everything, which is distressing.”

Futcher’s child abuse victims were as young as 11. The cases that were taken into consideration in the court’s trial included matters between 1974 and 1981. He was the teacher as well as swimming coach at the school during that period. Futcher will remain under non-parole for a period of 11 years. He will be released in 2027.

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