A suspicious fire has destroyed a Sydney restaurant early morning Thursday, April 14. The fire broke into the same Sydney building where a Chinese student Pingkang “Connie” Zhang  leapt to her death from her burning apartment.

The fire started at 3 am this morning at Rashay’s pizza and pasta restaurant located on the ground floor of the Bankstown building. The fire fighter asked more than 100 residents in the surrounding units to evacuate immediately. There no injuries reported though one person was admitted to the hospital as a precaution.

A Fire and Rescue NSW spokeswoman reported, “A lot of the floors were impacted by smoke and firefighters got to work fairly quickly and contained any threat of any fire spreading through the rest of the building.”

The building’s strata manager Peter Paulos said that the smoke alarms had been activated when the fire broke, reported The Guardian.

“The fire alarms went off – the fire brigade said they all went off,” said Paulos.

In 2012 September, 21-year-old Connie Zhang was trapped inside the fifth-floor bedroom of her apartment in the same complex after a fire broke out in the balcony. She had no other option left but jump from the building. The Chinese students Ginger Jiang and Connie Zhang climbed a narrow ledge as they tried to escape the fire, reported ABC.

Later, investigators found that fire safety standards in the Sydney building were inadequate at the time of the fire.  Connie Zhang’s death could have been prevented if sprinklers had been installed in the building. Jiang, on the other hand, was seriously injured in the accident.

James Peng, the owner of the unit, stated in the court that he did arrange for an extra bedroom in the apartment to enhance his income. The extra bedroom was bordered by a balcony where the fire broke.

Peng also admitted that he did not have permission to build the additional bedroom.

He said, “I had an investment in my mind at the time.”

Most accidents related to fire happen because of negligence. Last month 8 people lost their life in a chemical accident in a Bangkok Bank. Bank authorities suspected that the incident happened due to negligence.