A Sydney building blaze erupted on Monday leading to the hospitalization of three people and thereby affecting the operation of the two of the busiest streets of the city. The fire began spreading in central Sydney while covering parts of CBD with smoke.

The city’s busiest streets remained half-closed after the automatic fire alarm led to the arrival of firefighters on George Street where the fire broke out. It is being believed that it started in one of the Capitol Square’s restaurants’ kitchen, which then moved to the rooftop in Haymarket.

The claims are that an oil vat caught fire in the kitchen following which the flames hit an exhaust duct. As a result, there was smoke all around. About 100 people were evacuated from the spot while northbound roads in the Street building were shut for extinguishing work against the Sydney building blaze.

Three people were rushed to hospital for treatment against smoke inhalation. A spokesman from NSW Ambulance said that one of the three persons was a woman, almost in her 40s, who was taken to Sydney Hospital. She also had complaints of chest pain after the Sydney building blaze. Other two personas were admitted to Royal Prince Alfred Hospital and St Vincent’s Hospital respectively.

What Emergency Crew Has to Say About Sydney Building Blaze

The emergency crew members stated that they saw the atmosphere surrounded with smoke when they reached the spot at Haymarket’s Capitol Square. Hence, they had to call for more forces for backup. Fire and Rescue NSW’s Superintendent Greg Rankin said that when the firefighters entered the scene, they saw an oil vat that caused the Sydney building blaze.

“The fire was initially brought under control by the sprinkler system, then firefighters did the final extinguishment,” the Sydney Morning Herald quoted Rankin as saying. “Fire has spread into the duct work directly above the vat, which caused a lot of the smoke.”

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