Attendees have claimed repayment from Sydney Barbecue Festival organisers as they suffered disappointment when food fell short during the event.

More than 5,000 people attended the occasion. The event organised at The Domain on Saturday made the attendees suffer in severe heat conditions with food running out before 3 p.m. As a result, the party-goers claimed significant repayment for the loss they had to bear. However, the organisers have refused to repay them.

Customers waited for food in long queues for hours when they were told the food had been sold out. The Facebook page of the Sydney Barbecue Festival was full of angry complaints from the festival attendees. They posted their demand for getting their money back, while the organisers said there was no question of refund. Soon after that, the complainants removed the complaints from the official page and formed the Sydney BBQ Festival Hate Page where they gathered their grievances and demands for refund.

The Sydney Morning Herald reported about Thomas Demos, one of the angry festival attendees from inner west of Sydney, demanding for a refund on Sunday. He told the newspaper that he and his two friends paid $30 per head for the tickets. They arrived at the venue at around 1:00 p.m. until the crowd grew to about 2000. “We wanted to get something to eat but the queues were enormous. Everyone around us was complaining. There was very little shading or seating. There was very little else to do.”

Charlie Lawford commented on Facebook that she went to the venue at 12:00 p.m. only to find the sold out sign. A pregnant attendee, Justine Pirie, asked the organisers on Facebook how she could get the refund as she did not get any food despite standing in long queues for two hours and feeling ill because of it.

A statement was released on Saturday night by the organisers where they appreciated the concerns and apologised for the bad experience that the festival-goers went through. They said that there were altogether 13 food suppliers at the event. Though it took a lot of time for some traders to make food available at times, there were other food options ready for the attendees, the organisers defended themselves.

“Unfortunately with Barbecue there is a changeover period with food and in some instances there was a wait between services,” the statement read. “All elements of the event were delivered as advertised. Again, we are sorry that you have had a bad experience, but for the reasons stated there are no grounds for a refund and we are taking your feedback on board for next year.”