Police have evacuated the Sydney Apple store for precaution following a bomb threat. Reports have suggested that a witness claimed that the store was the next bombing target. The roads have also been cordoned off after the claim.

Around six police cars reached the scene as soon as they received the Sydney Apple store bomb threat information. The officers entered the store with a police dog while they asked shoppers to wait outside. At 1:36 p.m. AEST, a witness claimed the presence of the bomb at the store, which led to its closure temporarily.

After few minutes, the police reached the spot and inspected the Sydney Apple store. After the examination, police have asked people to make a queue for re-entering the store. While the police officers left the scene at 2:24 p.m. AEST, the shoppers are still waiting for their re-entry into the store. One of the evacuated persons, Ashley, posted a message online saying he heard employees within the store about “a bomb threat, not a drill.”

Sydney Apple Store: Police Releases Statements, Evacuated Shoppers Respond

An NSW Police spokeswoman had a conversation with a media network where she mentioned about the police’s evacuation operation. “There’s a police operation at a business on George Street and the store was evacuated as a precaution,” the spokesperson told News.com.au.

Police have spent about an hour at the Sydney Apple store and inspected the area. After the examination, it gave a green signal to shoppers to enter the store once again. An NSW police department spokesman confirmed that the operation was “resolved without incident.” However, no specific details of the police operation have been revealed yet.

Though the Sydney Apple store has been re-opened, evacuated shoppers are still struggling to get in. Below the Sydney Apple store, however, is the Rebel Store that has not been evacuated.  “We were just rushed out of the store, loads of police going in,” a tweet from an evacuated, Thomas Skinner, stated.

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